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About AudioSnax

How we started


Our mission was simple and clear: to develop high-quality audio products and a comprehensive bundle that provided the finest sound quality while remaining affordable to our clients.

Why AudioSnax?


We believe in sound quality and strive to provide the finest experience possible for all of our customers. We take pleasure in providing our clients with high-quality bundles.


These are a great value for truly wireless headphones; sound is very good; Battery lasts for hours; Works with Android 10 on my Moto G Power; Works with Windows 10 and google voice for calls from computer; Nice compact case that recharges the plugs; Units work by themselves, so you can charge one and continue listening with the other; nice, sleek design; easy to use; didn't come with a manual, but you can google one and save it to your phone or computer. It's pretty straight forward, maybe one page, very fine print. Buy with confidence!


These wireless bluetooth ears buds are great. I use then in the truck when I get cellphone calls. No more fumbling to get a headset on. Limits the distraction percentage. I just retrieve one of the earbuds I leave out and insert it in one ear. Clear audible hearing. No wires. What's not to like?


I do love these ear buds they paired to my cellphone with no problem. They have a great sound and I love the fact that there's a cordless charger that comes with it. I also love the beautiful color that it has. I hope and believe that these ear buds will last for years!!!

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