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What is the X-1 Bluetooth Speaker?
The X-1 is the world’s first fully Bluetooth enabled mini speaker.
As one of the most versatile innovations in modern technology, the X-1 is precisely engineered to meet a music lover’s high demand for quality sound, portability, durability and most importantly, swagger. This device is wireless allowing for a free and versatile outlet to play your favorite music at any venue, be it a party, on your travels, or the office. Its impressively sleek and compact exterior along with its state-of-the-art sound technology will have you convinced that good things really do come in small packages.

What are the measurements?
70mm x 53mm (2.75 inch x 2.08 inch)

Can you listen to anything other than music?
Yes, if you can listen to audio books, the radio, Pandora, podcasts on your device then you can listen to it on the X-1 as well.

What’s the sound range?
The X-1 has an impressive range of 30 feet.

Is the X-1 compatible with my iPhone?
Yes, the X-1 is compatible with all Bluetooth enabled devices including iPhones, iPads, Androids and more.

What if I don’t have anything that’s compatible with the X-1?
No worries, there’s a small auxiliary cord nicely tucked underneath the device. Its use save batteries as well.

How do I use the X-1?
Set up is easy; just press the top, make sure you’re set on “Bluetooth”, pair your device with the X-1 and enjoy the show.

How long does the battery last and how do I charge my X-1?
The X-1 has a batter life of 6-8 hours on a single charge. We include the USB charger so you can charge it anytime, anywhere.

Does my X-1 come with a warranty?
Absolutely. At Audiosnax we stand behind the craftsmanship of our products. We include a full 90-day warranty with every purchase that is defective in any way.

What’s your return policy?
You have 30 days to return any AudioSnax product should you not like it.

I’m so confused. What’s the difference between the return policy and the warranty?
The warranty is meant for your protection if the device is defective. You can return it or exchange in the case that it doesn’’t work properly. The return policy doesn’t require proof of defective item. If you don’t like it, send it back before 30 days.

I love this thing! How can I ever repay you?
Buy one (or more!) and send us an email with your feedback


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