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A Tablet in All Sizes

Audiosnax Tablet Size Comparison A Tablet in All Sizes

Going to an electronics store to purchase a tablet computer can be stressful. There are so many options and decisions to make, including the most difficult decision facing a purchaser of a new tablet, the size.

In some cases the age-old adage “bigger the better,” usually solves this problem. But that is definitely not the case with tablets; smaller tablets can serve different functions than larger ones and vice-versa. Here is a helpful overview of tablet sizes so you can walk into the store with confidence.

audiosnax bigger is better 300x117 A Tablet in All Sizes

Small: about 5 to 7 inches

These tablets are just a bit too large for pockets but not large enough for watching TV or movies. They are perfect for the on-the-go businessperson who wants a device somewhere between a phone and a full size tablet. Since tablets of this size often double as cellphone, users can enjoy using them for day-to-day calls while still completing common tablet tasks, like searching the Internet or updating spreadsheets.

Medium: 7 to 8.9 inches

Audiosnax Q7 Tablet 300x282 A Tablet in All SizesTablets of this size are becoming more popular, since they’re compact and relatively lightweight, which makes it easy to hold them in one hand. Medium sized tablets, like the AudioSnax Q7 Tablet, are perfect for travelers looking to bring along a couple of books or a movie while waiting during a layover. Though they may not have the memory or storage of a larger device, the medium tablets can still provide hours of entertainment or productivity.

Large: 9-10 inches

This size of tablet is the most popular available on the market today. A bit heavier and larger than the 7-inch models, these tablets are perfect for all audiences and general users. The size is perfect for watching movies, playing games, or reading eBooks. Since the screen is fairly large, users can use the larger keyboard for typing up a quick email or texting at the office or on the go.

Extra Large – 10+ inches

Some companies have begun selling a 13-inch tablet. Devices of this size are naturally less portable than the smaller models, but still more portable than a desktop. Regardless, the significantly larger screen makes them ideal for use around the house, particularly in the kitchen, or while binge-watching Netflix in bed.

Audiosnax Tablet Books 300x225 A Tablet in All SizesBuying a new tablet can be a difficult decision, unless you know exactly what size you need. By doing a bit of research before walking into the store, you can ensure you purchase the device that’s perfect for your needs. Now you just need to decide if you want an Apple or a PC. Good Luck!


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