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Streaming Music App Highlight: Spotify

spotify cut Streaming Music App Highlight: Spotify

If you haven’t heard of Spotify, don’t feel bad. Unlike their competitors, such as Pandora or Beats Music, they rely on word of mouth for their marketing and advertising. Regardless, the Swedish company has attracted 20 million users, 5 million of whom pay a monthly fee to their service since launching in 2008. Here are a couple of common questions when deciding to use Spotify for the first time.

What Makes Spotify Unique?

  • Music On Demand. Unlike streaming services like Pandora, which offer online radio stations, Spotify is an on-demand service. Want to listen to an obscure early 90’s hip-hop group? Or the newest Taylor Swift song? With Spotify it’s possible. The company provides access to roughly 20 million songs from most major and independent record labels that you can access when you absolutely need to hear your favorite track.
  • Enhanced Playlists. Spotify playlists are the modern day mixed tape. Users can channel their inner-DJ and create the perfect playlist to share with friends through social media. However, unlike the mixed tape, users can constantly modify their playlists by adding or removing tracks as necessary. So now a shared playlist with a significant other can go from romantic background music for the first date to a breakup playlist- from “Kiss Me” by Sixpense None the Richer to Jewel’s “You Were Meant for Me” in one convenient swoop.

audiosnax mixtape 300x215 Streaming Music App Highlight: SpotifyWhy Not Use Spotify All the Time?

  • It’s Sort of Like Pandora. In a recent update Spotify announced their Radio Service, which give users the ability to create personalized radio stations based on a track, an album, or an artist. Just like Pandora, right? Well sort of, Pandora’s algorithm is supported and based on the Music Genome Project – a complex algorithm that utilizes 400 different attributes when categorizing and organizing music ensuring that their stations never repeat. While Spotify’s algorithm is probably equally complex, if a user is not careful they can inadvertently create a station that only plays tracks by two or three different artists.


What Devices can I Use With Spotify?

  • Technically All of Them.  The program is available for download on all mobile operating systems and desktop computers. However, not all the same features are available across platforms. Mobile users have to sign up for a premium subscription if they what the on-demand features. While desktop users with free accounts have access to both the radio and the on-demand feature (unfortunately with commercials). Free Users do have the option to upgrade to a commercial free premium account.
  • Bluetooth Happy. Since the Spotify App is compatible with all mobile devices users can connect their devices with their Bluetooth speakers while enjoying their favorite tracks. The use of Spotify’s enhanced playlists with a Bluetooth device ideal for both intimate moments and festive gatherings.

audiosnax x5 bluetooth 300x200 Streaming Music App Highlight: SpotifyThere are several options facing consumers when picking a streaming music service. Spotify is a great service that provides content on demand, however, it might not be the best option if you’re looking for a custom radio station. What do you use for your streaming music? What experience, if any, have you had with Spotify?


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