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Rising Above Camera Phones and their Limitations

0079 fun smartphone camera con 768x432 main Rising Above Camera Phones and their Limitations

Let’s face it, with Instagram and a decent camera phone we can all look like we’re professional photographers. Taking a photo and applying the appropriate Instagram filter can be the difference between a grainy photo and a sleek one that is beloved across all of your favorite social media platforms.

Cameras on phones or tablets are convenient, however, there are several limitations to using them as a standard replacement for a good ole fashioned camera. Below we provide a few of these limitations and how to overcome them.

No Real Zoom Feature – Sure, some phones do have a digital zoom but quality tends to decrease incrementally with every increase in zoom. But, since cameras on phones or tablets do not have a “lens” that can be altered for zoom, one solution to this would be to simply use your feet and move closer. Taking a couple of steps closer to your subject will ensure that you do not lose quality while capturing the perfect moment.

lensband 300x168 Rising Above Camera Phones and their Limitations

Shutter Lag – This a typical problem for some digital cameras and camera phones. Shutter lag is when your device takes a couple of seconds to record the shot after you push the “take photo” button. Every camera has a different shutter lag time, and the best way deal with this limitation is to anticipate it. Try experimenting with your camera to learn the exact amount of lag for your device and adjust your photography usage appropriately.

Little or No Flash– Like the digital zoom feature, several manufacturers of camera phones and tablets have attempted to offer solution this problem. If you do have a flash option, more often than not, it oversaturates your image with too much light. Making sure you take your photos in a well-lit room or outside will eliminate your need to use the flash. Plus, natural lighting always makes pictures and people look better.

imgres Rising Above Camera Phones and their LimitationsEven though there are a few limitations when using a camera on a phone or tablet, they can be easily overcome with a few minor adjustments. When all else fails, you can always rely on your Photoshop skills!


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