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Multifunctional Devices: How to Become More Efficient

Audiosnax multifunctional device 300x183 Multifunctional Devices: How to Become More EfficientIf you ask most members of the baby boomer generation, people born between 1946 and 1964, about electronic devices and their transformation across the decades, a stereotypical response usually follows: “Well, devices were simpler back then, they only had one function.” But that comment isn’t too far off, devices used to have ONLY one function. A record player used to ONLY play records and a telephone used to ONLY make phone calls.

The newest devices available to consumers don’t just have one function; they often can do several different tasks at the same time. As technology improves, manufacturers will begin to combine more and more features into devices for the convenience of consumers. While at times the creation of these types of devices seems a bit unnecessary, the increased functionality usually leads to enhanced productivity.

people technology use 300x104 Multifunctional Devices: How to Become More Efficient

Here are some of our favorite multifunctional devices that we can’t seem to live without:

All-In-One Printers

Frequently you need more than just a printer, particularly in the work place. However, a fancy copy machine is often out of a company’s budget. Enter the All-In-One Printer. These printers traditionally combine the standard elements of an ink jet printer, with a scanner/copier, and a fax machine. This holy trinity of office machines eliminates the need to have several machines, while creating a one-stop shop for your business or personal printing and scanning needs. Now all we need is for it to make espresso and our dream office would be complete.

Phone Chargers

Phone chargers are interesting devices, since they usually consist of a plug, a battery, and a cord. However, recently these simple devices have received a substantial upgrade with the increasing demand for portable chargers. Manufacturers are using this demand to combine what appears to be a large battery, with other functionality such as emitting a radio signal for car radios. One version of the AudioSnax Powerbooster is a portable charger that also plays mp3’s. Since an AudioSnax Powerbooster can quickly charge a dead device, users can enjoy listening to a few of their favorite tracks while they wait.

audiosnax powerbooster mp3 flashlight 253x300 Multifunctional Devices: How to Become More EfficientSmart Phones

Nothing represents a cool multifunctional device more than a smartphone. A simple cell phone that also has the ability to text, doesn’t count. With a great smartphone, a user can surf the Internet or play a game while texting their friends, calling their mother, and while downloading the newest tracks. Like the All-In-One Printer, the invention of the smartphone combines several different devices into one mega device to improve functionality and productivity.

An office with an All-In-One Printer and an employee with an excellent smartphone paired with the AudioSnax Powerbooster creates the perfect storm of stimulation, productivity, and multitasking.


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