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Best New Apps for Android Tablets

Main Image Black11 Best New Apps for Android Tablets

You’ve finally decided to purchase a tablet PC. It’s a sleek upgrade from the old and clunky laptop that you’ve been carrying around for the last 6 years. A tablet, like the AudioSnax Q7 Tablet with its 7-inch display and Android 4.2 operating system, allows you to connect with the world while on the go.

Unfortunately a brand new tablet does not come preloaded with apps or games. If you are looking for something different to download than the latest version of Angry Birds or Google Maps, here is a list of some of the newest and best apps available for your Android enabled tablet.

Google Keep:

Google Keep is a handy digital Post-it like program that’s ideal for taking short notes while on the go. With Google Keep you can create a checklist, voice note, or even snap a photo all while shopping or on your way to class. Since it is a Google product, notes can be accessed anywhere via the cloud and are intergraded to work with other Google apps.


DashClock operates as a replacement for your standard lock screen. The App gives users instant access to local weather, missed calls, upcoming calendar appointments, and your emails while allowing for customizable color options. DashClock is a significant design and functionality upgrade to your standard lock screen.

Audiosnax Dashclock 294x300 Best New Apps for Android TabletsSwype:

One of the semi-frustrating features of a mobile device is the keyboard. Sometimes the keyboard is too small which could lead to accidental punches or ridiculous misspellings. Other times our own thumbs get in the way and a message turns into pure gibberish. The Swype app replaces the standard keyboard with one that remembers the way you input text and adjusts appropriately to ensure a better keyboard experience and reduces those embarrassing errors.


A favorite with iPhone users, Vscocam was recently released for Android devices. With Vscocam you get all the photo filters of Instagram but with more options to alter and crop your images from your device. Also, if you’ve gone a bit too far with your editing and filtering skills, the app has an option to revert the photos back to their original state.


Pocket is an app that saves articles or videos for offline use. This is not the first of this kind of app; even most mobile browsers provide some offline reading options. One of the features that differs Pocket from the competition is the ability to change the layout of the content during offline viewing. Like other Android apps, Pocket also syncs across all your devices thus providing optimal convenience for reading articles on or offline.

Audiosnax Google Play 300x300 150x150 Best New Apps for Android Tablets


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