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4 Common Questions and Answers Regarding Battery Cases

phonecase white1 4 Common Questions and Answers Regarding Battery CasesEveryone has read at least one article or blog post with tips to keep your cellphone battery fully charged. But even after turning off all your apps with background notifications and automatic updates, there is still the possibility of being stranded with a dead cellphone battery. For those who need the added comfort of extra battery power, it might be a good time to update to a battery case. Similar to the Audiosnax Powercase, a battery case is exactly what it sounds like, a protective case that contains an extra battery for keeping your phone charged when you need it the most.

If you are thinking about upgrading to a battery case, here are 4 common questions that you may have about these devices:

How much extra battery power do I have for my phone when using a battery case? And how do they work?

A: That depends on the battery case, since each device is slightly different. However, the Audiosnax Powercase comes with a 2600 mAh battery that doubles the battery life of your device. Most iPhone battery cases work the same way: you charge the case either through a wall adaptor or USB port and you turn it on when you need to charge the in-phone battery. This will provide you with enough extra battery power for you to get through your busy day.

Will using a battery case make my phone too bulky for my pocket?

A: This is one of the major concerns when using a battery pack. However, most newer battery cases that work with the iPhone 5/5s now have a slimmer battery. These newer battery cases are thinner, more reliable than their predecessors, and leave plenty of room to slip the device into your pocket.

audiosnax case iphone 300x202 4 Common Questions and Answers Regarding Battery CasesDoes the case cover any buttons or ports that I will need?

A: Yes and No. With battery cases there are a couple options when it comes to protecting buttons and headphone ports. On some devices, the case will cover all the buttons and ports. Yes, they are accessible, but you might have to move a piece of rubber to get access to a headphone port or press on the side of the case to use the volume buttons. Other cases, like the Audiosnax Powercase, leave space around the volume buttons and the Sleep/Wake button to allow for quick access.

How long does it take to charge a battery case?

This depends on each device, but on average its takes about 1.5 – 2 hours to fully charge a completely empty battery case. This time can vary depending on the charge remaining on your iPhone. Since the phone is inside the battery case, when you charge the phone and case at night, the iPhone battery charges first, followed by the case’s battery. So, it could take an additional 1-2 hours to charge both the case and the phone, with a fully uncharged phone. That’s still a fairly even trade considering that a battery case usually doubles the typical iPhone battery’s life. So in exchange of an additional 1-2 hours of overnight charging, you can use your iPhone for another 8 hours for a total of 16 hours of continuous use!

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