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Moore’s Law and Small Technology

Even with just a cursory look at technology within the last few decades a dominant trend will become very apparent, one of decreased size and increased functionality. Computers, phones, and even TV’s seem to be getting smaller, thinner, and “smarter” every year. Just look at any relatively new device from the last 2 years and […]


Rising Above Camera Phones and their Limitations

Let’s face it, with Instagram and a decent camera phone we can all look like we’re professional photographers. Taking a photo and applying the appropriate Instagram filter can be the difference between a grainy photo and a sleek one that is beloved across all of your favorite social media platforms. Cameras on phones or tablets […]


Multifunctional Devices: How to Become More Efficient

If you ask most members of the baby boomer generation, people born between 1946 and 1964, about electronic devices and their transformation across the decades, a stereotypical response usually follows: “Well, devices were simpler back then, they only had one function.” But that comment isn’t too far off, devices used to have ONLY one function. […]


A Tablet in All Sizes

Going to an electronics store to purchase a tablet computer can be stressful. There are so many options and decisions to make, including the most difficult decision facing a purchaser of a new tablet, the size. In some cases the age-old adage “bigger the better,” usually solves this problem. But that is definitely not the […]


Some of Our Favorite Music Moments from the 2014 Academy Awards

Visions of celebrities donning their swankiest attire and glamorously walking down the red carpet come to mind when we think of the Academy Awards. Typically, the night’s musical performances are secondary to the dresses and outfits of the movie stars in attendance. Musical performances at the Oscars are, generally, used for shooing away winners when […]


4 Common Questions and Answers Regarding Battery Cases

Everyone has read at least one article or blog post with tips to keep your cellphone battery fully charged. But even after turning off all your apps with background notifications and automatic updates, there is still the possibility of being stranded with a dead cellphone battery. For those who need the added comfort of extra […]


Best New Apps for Android Tablets

You’ve finally decided to purchase a tablet PC. It’s a sleek upgrade from the old and clunky laptop that you’ve been carrying around for the last 6 years. A tablet, like the AudioSnax Q7 Tablet with its 7-inch display and Android 4.2 operating system, allows you to connect with the world while on the go. […]


Streaming Music App Highlight: Spotify

If you haven’t heard of Spotify, don’t feel bad. Unlike their competitors, such as Pandora or Beats Music, they rely on word of mouth for their marketing and advertising. Regardless, the Swedish company has attracted 20 million users, 5 million of whom pay a monthly fee to their service since launching in 2008. Here are […]



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